Sunday, July 18, 2010

Antique Silver Fork Cuff Bracelet

Artist Statement:  This bracelet is made from an actual antique silver fork.The design is hand wrought using only hand tools.This is a pure hand craft.It is metamorphic in nature.The tools I use to make these are themselves hand crafted.I was taught to follow strict rules of wearability when making these.So your clothes,hair,skin,friends and family remain perfectly safe at all times from rogue fork tines.

This bracelet is designed to wear comfortably with the metal sculpture centered atop the wrist.The bracelet bends open and closed to fit which won't hurt it as long as it's not bent to extremes.Your bracelet will be made to order for you when you purchase it.As this is an art form dependent on antiques and each piece is made by hand the bracelet you receive may have a different pattern on the handle and vary slightly in design from the item shown.

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