Monday, April 19, 2010

Ocean Necklace

Artist Statement:  This 48 inch necklace is absolutely FUN to wear! It looks stunning on a solid color dress when worn long. It can also be worn doubled, giving you a 24 inch necklace, or tripled giving you a 16 inch choker length! You can wear it with any neckline you own!!

The color of this special piece is very versatile as well. I am careful to put a gradient of colors in each of my color schemes. What that means to you is this piece will match a wide variety of colors. The color clothing you are wearing will cause that color to pop in the pendant. The Ocean color scheme looks especially good with denim blues but will also coordinate well with teal, beiges, browns, golds and black.

The cord in the piece is hand twisted from a embroidery threads to match the colors in the beads perfectly. Type of thread and amount of twist is adjusted to give a wonderful flowing drape to the cord.

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