Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bronze and Gray Rings

Artist Statement:  A surprise inside!

I designed the inside of these rings to look as beautiful as the outside, and the contrast of the polished inside against the matte outside gives these rings a one-of-a-kind look. The subtle details are what make this wedding band set truly special.

Inside color: polished anodized bronze color
Outside color: matte gray

Titanium is naturally hypo-allergenic, light, and very comfortable to wear. To further increase comfort, I use a grinding method on the inside edges of the ring, which creates a bevel that is round not angular.

The rings pictured are 6 mm wide; however, they can be made wider, up to 10 mm, or narrower down to 3 mm, if desired.

I make these rings one at a time, by hand. Please see shop announcements for current wait time.

Also please specify your sizing when purchasing. I can make any size up to 15. Please note that titanium can not be re-sized, so take care when measuring and providing your sizing information.

Every ring will be delivered to you in a tasteful, gift-ready, and reusable tin.


Sallar ! said...

How can I purchase a pair of these? Would you ship internationally ?

Fauxnomenal Walls said...
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Fauxnomenal Walls said...

I am very interested in these. How much for the set?

Anouschka said...

How can I purchase such a ring? I love it! I would like to know the price, how to order, how long it will take and if it can be shipped internationally. Let me know please asap: anouschka_middelkoop@hotmail.com

Melissa said...

Does this ring even exist any more?