Sunday, February 21, 2010

Peacock Feathers and Chain Necklace

Artist Statement:  I adore any Matthew Williamson creation. One of his famous quotes involve saying that he has never met a colour he did not like. I have never met a colour I did not like. Wow - we have something in common.

Peacock feathers represent some of my favourite colours in nature. Coupled with metres (okay not really, but you get the gist) of chain, this is one statement necklace that will be bound to be the conversation piece at any event.

Fifteen small real peacock feathers are carefully suspended from oxidised dark silver chain. Due to the nature of peacock feathers (ie: each one is a tad different), and because your piece will be made to order, you will receive a very similar necklace but not the one in the photo.

I guarantee though that I only pick the nicest, unspoilt feathers for my creations.

Comes with free shipping to your door anywhere in the world, and packaged with its own velvet care bag, what is not to love about this?

Measurements: Necklace chain measures 15 inches all around and the longest feather chain falls 12 inches long.

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