Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Neo Victorian Frock Coat

Artist Statement:  My neo victorian frock coat is adorned with a burn out velvet hemline, embossed green velvet accents and tassels to remind you where your butt is. The buttons are stamped metal on wood. I think they come from India. The green appliques are fabric from my dear departed grandmother who made hats for Blackwell in the fifties. She was a huge influence on my choice of careers. I ended up with a lot of her trim and am slowly incorporating it into my work.

The size on this coat is a small long. The waist is 26 inches and can expand out a little. Its got long arms. Good for a beanpole type of gal.

The front is very open and looks spectacular with a corset underneath. This coat is a one of a kind.


jill2day said...

SO beautiful!! Great design and details

rubyxxxg said...

WOW!! Thats beautiful, i like how you've put so much detail into it - this shows the amount of effort you've put in.

could you please tell my how you've made this or where I could get a pattern from? Thanks

whoozqueen said...

Ruby, each title to an object leads back to the original item on Etsy, so you can contact them for more information or to buy it.