Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ghost Leaf teapot and cups

Artist Statement:  This sweet little 24 oz teapot fits the hand and pours like a dream.  Teapot and spout were wheel thrown and then the lid and the handle were formed and attached .

Glazed in a soft satin blue and then a branch of leaves was held up while a winter white glaze was softly sprayed, leaving just a hint of the leaves showing on the pot and cups.

This teapot has a built in strainer and a lid that will not fall off.
Pours without dripping, a sign of a good teapot. Comes with two matching teacups.

7"X 9" stoneware teapot with spout and handle
2 1/2"x3" teacups

Food, microwave/dishwasher, and oven safe up to 500 degrees. Would make a wonderful gift.

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Josh Urso Design said...

Reminds me of those cave paintings with the paint sprayed around handprints. Nice colors. I love that the set is heatproof up to 500degrees. I've had hot water crack many an inferior pot!