Friday, January 15, 2010

Scarf with Flowers

Artist Statement: This is a scarf created by nuno felting. Nuno felting is an old japanese art where wool is being applied on loose woven fabrics like for example silk chiffon with the help of soap and hot water. 100% handmade for sure.

The scarf is very soft and cosy and can be washed gently in warm water. There will be washing instructions within the packet.

Size : circa 70,8 " x 10 "- 11,8 " / 180 cm x 25 cm - 30 cm

CAUTION : I need about maximum two weeks after the payment has arrived to felt this elaborate scarf.


Le Chou Chou said...

oh, I love this!!!!

Rose said...

Nice blog. I am fascinated by the Scarf with Flowers by Ava Original on your blog. Wish If I could buy this for my Girl friend this Valentine.

Josh Urso Design said...

wow. this is perhaps the best use of felting i have seen yet. it looks so light and ethereal.