Sunday, November 8, 2009


Artist Statement: Want to hatch your own little Zergling? Unlike those creatures used for a Zergling Rush, this little fellow is One-Of-A-Kind.

Zerglings are little creatures from various computer games, who are as cute as they are vicious with their extremely sharp fangs, spikey arm-head things and ferocious appetites. This little Zergy is an orphan, a forgotten creature from an epic battle, who finds that he enjoys hanging out with people who like to game.

He is made entirely of hand-dyed, pure merino wools, adorned and stuffed with the same yarns. Completely hand-knit, originally designed, and lovingly created, this little non-combat pet is sure make a good little companion. Zergy stands about 4.5" tall (spikes included), 5" inches long and 3 inches across. There are no removable parts or plastic parts and therefore completely safe for children of all ages.

Every creature I knit is made without patterns or guide, making each of these little critters, completely unique. Improvised knitting is about revealing the personalities of each of these little soft sculptures. Every creature includes a linen tag with my handmade mark on it.

From a smoke and pet free home.

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Vulpes In College said...

This is beautiful! I am about to attempt my own knit zerg plush.