Thursday, October 8, 2009

High Waisted Victorian Pleated Skirt

Artist Statement: Red Beige Brown Floral Cotton High Waist Victorian Long Pleated Full Skirt

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*The pictures are taken againist a white wall with white lights on. So the actual colour of the item might be a little darker.*

*We only stock a SMALL amount of fabric for each style, so hurry up or your loved style will be gone.*

Model: 5.38 feet, 33.5-24.8-33.9 inch; 1.64cm,85/63/86 cm

[Fabric] Fine floral thick cotton, fully lined with cotton.
Ruffle: red silk-like chiffon.

The skirt has 2 layers of cotton, and it has very large hem, so it is very warm to wear in Spring/Autumn/Winter.

*please noted that it will be a little difficult to zip up where the skirt part meets the waist band part because there is a big angle between the skirt and the waist. It is the nature of the design, not quality problem. The zipper we used is the top quality one.

[Size] Custom order to make. Please let me know our measurements on
2)upper waist (just 1 inch above your belly button)
3)waist (around your belly button)
4)lower waist (just 1 inch below your belly button)

*The waist band part length in the middle part: 12cm/4.7inch; in the side: 10cm/3.9inch.

The skirt is a high-waist calf length skirt. If you want the length to be knee high then please specify when check out. We can also make it full length to ankle, but it will cost 10% more for extra fabric, labor and shipping.


Akilah said...

What is your email address? And is this design or something similar available? Please email me @ I really like this design

Victoria Peter said...

do you still have this skirt? email me at

Mary Vogel Lozinak said...

This is stunning!