Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fairytale Hair Jewels

Artist Statement: The first hair jewels I made I loved so much that I kept for myself! I showed the pictures for my portfopio and people have been asking for another and here it is!

The Mermaiden's Hair Jewels have been inspired by the merfolk, perhaps mermaiden princess.

Peacock fresh water pearls crown a slab of dyed mother of pearl which centers the piece. Rose quartz beads acompany the design along with a vintage topaz toned rhinestone at the very top.

An intricately hand carved organic design with pearls and tendrils in hand painted silvered plum and gold tones form this piece, with antiqueing washes for an ancient, found treasure look.

On each side, integrated eyelets with lavender czech glass beads and brass elements hold the piece fast to a barette of 5cm in width.

Underneath, a brass tone chain drapes and holds a lavender czech glass bead rondelle with brass elements, a champagne toned fresh water pearl, and a gold toned czech glass bead finding in the shape of a seashell.

These Fairytale hair jewels are a one of a kind creation by Lorianne Jäntti for Plumevine.

Approximate measurements:
total length (including chain and drop): 14cm
width: 8.5cm
width of hair barette: 5cm (medium size)

All Plumevine pieces come tastefully gift-wrapped.

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Rebecca said...

Love the hair and head adornments you've posted... so so pretty!