Monday, September 28, 2009

Steamlight Desk Lamp

Artist Statement: This funky and adjustable desk lamp can fit your work desk or your bed-side table. It has a touch dimmer knob on its base it gives out a strong task light and a light pattern from its sides.

The Desk lamp has has a creature like character and a heavy base that allows a wide variety of positions. The lamp head's tilt and the flexible arm allow for the central light beam to be aimed in any direction. The lamp head operates as an iris, that allows for enlarging or reducing of the central light beam.

Marked down from $275 for our September Sale.

* The leaves are both reflective and perforated, creating distinct light patterns.
* Uses a low voltage xenon bulb that is twice more efficient in its energy use than a regular incandescent and has a longer life span of 10,000 hours.
* Has a special brushed finish
* Attached to the cord, 6 feet away from the lamp is a half dome stainless steel dimmer and transformer housing, that can be hidden away or stay on the floor. The cord continues four more feet till it reaches the plug.

Comes with a braided black cord that has a thin white tracer.
Supplied with a 35 Watt, 12 Volt Xenon bulb.
Packed in an elegant recycled box, fit for a present.
The lamp is signed.

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