Monday, September 28, 2009

Evening Star Ring

Artist Statement: Based out of Phoebus, Virginia, 2nd generation silver jewelry maker, Carl really knows how to use a fork and spoon. Not just in the utilitarian way, but he can take a piece of flatware and turn it into a piece of jewelry fit for any time of day. Pendants, rings and bracelets have been very much a part of Carl’s life since the early 70’s when his father had a spoon ring store. When making his jewelry Carl does not waste any part of a piece of silverware.

This Spoon Ring can be made from size 6 to 13. During check out please let me know what size is needed.

If this spoon is not what you are looking for. Please email me and i post the size and type you may want. Flower Pattern, Art Deco or something else. I have over 500+ spoon ring's made that are ready for sale. I can make spoon rings from size 4 to 24. (yes 24 WOW)

1 comment:

Brian said...

The ring shown is nice - somewhat of an Art Nouveau look to it.