Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Royal Nightcap

Artist Statement: After a long day sitting on the throne, the queen always takes out her royal nightcap for a midnight drink of Brandy. This darling revamped vintage liquor tag is perfect to adorn your neck; a perfect nostalgic delight for any evening out on the town.

A vintage brass liquor tag is quite dazzling too, beautiful detailed pointed edges with a star burst of lines that lead to the center where it reads Brandy. The reverse side of the pendant reads Scotch, please let me know which side you of the necklace you would like facing out to the front, I will be glad to reverse it.

The pendant hangs with a rhinestone circle and hangs from brass and antiqued gold chain strung with two cathedral glass beads, the total length is 18.25"

***If you are interested, I also have another identical liquor tag that could be switched if you like, one that reads Gin / Vodka. What ever suits your taste buds!

This nostalgic past time pendant is definitely a conversation starter and is truly stunning in person!

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