Sunday, August 2, 2009

Golden Kimono

Artist Statement: Elegant, flowing, soft, magical, are some of the descriptions for this beautiful wedding kimono. It is made it out of a silk crepe that has a lovely soft shine to it and I handpaint the design on sleeves, front, and back.

This style has an opening down back which I paint along and finish with tassles at bottom which hold the fabric down yet make it look wonderful when you dance; they flow out behind you...I also did this so you can enjoy dinner sitting down without wrinkling your kimono.

This photo shows a double kimono-a 3/4 length sewn with a full length underneath. I make it with the 3/4 length (48") only and this looks great over a your wedding dress. I also make the dress to accompany it out of stretch silk.

Other colors are available.

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