Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Felted Acorns

Artist Statement: Acorns have long symbolized potential, strength, and patience. Here are some that won't grow into mighty oaks, but will add a natural touch to wherever they land.

I've wet-felted wool roving to make the acorn seeds and then glued them securely into an acorn cap that I gathered from our woods.

You'll receive 15 acorns in the colors you see here which was inspired by the wild violets that pop up in our woods each spring. There are 3 each of deep violet, dusky purple, lavender, muted green, and soft yellow. They vary in size but most are between .75" to 1" in length. The set of acorns you receive may vary slightly, but the colors will be the same.

Use them as tiny pincushions, spread them along a windowsill or nature table, or perhaps give them as a symbol to someone to remind them of the potential they hold.

Your acorns will come packaged in a reusable muslin bag, decorated with a wool oak leaf. The design and leaf color you receive may vary from what's shown here.

Made in my non-smoking home/studio.

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