Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Treble Clef Belly Jewel

Artist Statement: Tummytoy With Silver Music Note Charm. No More Barbaric Barbells! The World's Only Patented Body Jewelry. Made In Boston.

Navel piercing has been around for years and so far, all that has been available is a steel rod with a screw-thread on the part that goes through your piercing- jewelry that can be extremely painful to insert and to wear. Complicating matters further is trying to secure the body jewelry by twisting a 3mm ball onto the 1.6mm threaded rod, all while bending over to look at your navel so that you can try to see what you are doing!

Enter TummyToys, the brainchild of myself, designer Melissa Tyler. A graduate gemologist, I have studied both in the UK and the US. Now Boston is my home base. I had many friends who wore (and complained about) belly jewelry, so I had to take the piercing plunge to figure out the concept. I just couldn't get my head around it until I got my own piercing. It was like an awakening! Within a week of being pierced I had a notebook full of sketches and TummyToys was born.

With a patented clasp, TummyToys eliminate the hurt and hassle of traditional body jewelry. The TummyToys clasp is so simple: you just slide it through the piercing and snap it shut. We offer TummyToys in a variety of metals and styles sporting everything from martini glasses to elegant precious and semi-precious stones. TummyToys are specifically made for belly and body piercing. Beware of cheap imitations which are really just earrings with a heavier post. Insist on the original TummyToys!!!

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