Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hematite Renaissance Headdress

Artist Statement: Hello and Welcome to World In Chains Chainmail Armor, Jewelry, and Accessories...

Up for sale is another World in Chains original design..

This headdress is stunning in so many ways. It is what's called a "circlet" style, meaning that there is no cap on top, so that your hair can be worn in many versatile styles while wearing the headdress.

The rings are stainless steel, and will never rust or tarnish. This headdress looks best when worn with longer hair, but can be worn just as well with short hair and scarves trailing down underneath ( as a middle eastern style). Excellent for bellydancers.

For the circlet style I will need to know your crown measurement so that an exact fit can be made. The headdress sits perfectly and is weighted by gravity so it does not shift while walking, moving or dancing.

The best part is that all closures are knit so tightly that it will never, ever, catch tangle or pull hair! The net acts like a snood, holding the hair in place.

As with all my items this headdress has a lifetime guarantee and will never rust or tarnish. Easily washed with hot water and dish soap!


Patty said...

What does the front look like?

whoozqueen said...

Patty, just go to the link beneath the photo for the original listing on Etsy.