Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Debutante

Artist Statement: What happens when you're a devotee of Comme des Garçons? You find innate mastery in insane cuts, an intense appreciation of how seemingly impossible colours can come together in such a fluid fashion; and most of all, you find yourself being inspired.

Voila!!! The Debutante.

An experiment that turned out decently, thank god.

I paired 18K Solid Yellow Gold (see those glimmering circlets?) with Oxidised Brass, just to see how they would look together. The wee Labradorite Rondelles nestled amongst all clusters are also coiled with 18K Solid Yellow Gold so you can see hints of shimmer and shine here and there.

That LARGE AND IN CHARGE 30mm Labradorite Focal is just awesome. This shot was taken on a cloudy day, just post a 10-hour downpour and yet the schiller is like an Energizer bunny. A single Mystic Apricot Topaz Briolette takes the lead amidst a floral contraption fashioned from Polished Rubies and quite a bit of 18K Solid Yellow Gold Wire.

Clusters are comprised of Prasiolites (in a fabulous Asscher Kite Cut), more Polished Rubies and Polished Sunstone Briolettes. Faceted Ruby Nuggets pose such an amazing contradiction to the smoothness of Polished Labradorite Rounds as they connect everything together.

I added heaps of Vintage Brass Jump Rings for a bit of fluttery movement. Loads and loads of Faceted Sunstone Rondelles and even more Polished Rubies balance out this piece.

The Clasp is a gorgeous Brass Toggle Set complete with a second (and final) Mystic Apricot Topaz Briolette as well as Polished Ruby Round.

With the overall pendant cascading a decadent 6" drop, The Debutante features tons and tons of 18K Solid Yellow Wire paired with Oxidised Brass Wire. She currently drapes around one's neck at an approximate length of 19.5" but can be customized to your desired circumference.

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