Monday, June 29, 2009

Sea Pod Brooch

Artist Statement: Tropical crochet seapod. Eye-catching design made in strong brightly coloured stripes.

* Colours are:-

four different reds

* Materials are: -

crochet cotton (100% cotton)
polyfibre filling
brooch back

* Dimensions are: -

Length - 7cms
Width at base - 4cms

Poison Ring

Artist Statement: Sterling silver ring with skull and crossbones soldered on top. The band is 20mm long on top of the finger and 8mm underneath.

Oxidized finish will stay nice and dark around the skull an crossbones.

All sized available. Because of the width, should be 1/2 size larger than a thin band would be for comfort.


Artist Statement: This Hand Hammered Stainless Steel Breast Cups and chain maile belly drape is crowd favorite. It is smooth, comfortable and is fun to wear. Available in A,B,C, or D cups. Because it is Stainless Steel you can hand wash with little effort.

You wear this to one party, you have a life time of memories and stories to share. When you are not wearing it, don't stick it in a draw, it is sculpture, Art. This is a top that will become a family airloom.

When you order it, you will need to tell me you bra size. I will need that to ensure a good fit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hematite Renaissance Headdress

Artist Statement: Hello and Welcome to World In Chains Chainmail Armor, Jewelry, and Accessories...

Up for sale is another World in Chains original design..

This headdress is stunning in so many ways. It is what's called a "circlet" style, meaning that there is no cap on top, so that your hair can be worn in many versatile styles while wearing the headdress.

The rings are stainless steel, and will never rust or tarnish. This headdress looks best when worn with longer hair, but can be worn just as well with short hair and scarves trailing down underneath ( as a middle eastern style). Excellent for bellydancers.

For the circlet style I will need to know your crown measurement so that an exact fit can be made. The headdress sits perfectly and is weighted by gravity so it does not shift while walking, moving or dancing.

The best part is that all closures are knit so tightly that it will never, ever, catch tangle or pull hair! The net acts like a snood, holding the hair in place.

As with all my items this headdress has a lifetime guarantee and will never rust or tarnish. Easily washed with hot water and dish soap!

So Many Books...

Artist Statement: This reversible charm/pendant measures approximately 1/2" x 1 1/2". One side says "so many books" and the other says "so little time".

The images are soldered between two pieces of glass with lead-free solder. Comes with a 24' ball and chain which can be clipped to any size. Besides a necklace, this charm can be used as a bag or purse charm, a rear-view window decoration, etc.

Moonlit Sky Cross

Artist Statement: This mosaic cross plaque measures 18"tall by 12.5" wide. It was made with vitreous glass tiles and also pieces of mirror tile.

On the back are two hanging options, a dovetail hanging slot, and a traditional picture frame hanger.

You can see the true depth and sparkle of these colors in the sunlight.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Labradorite Pendant

Artist Statement: Large Nugget Labradorite stones on a 925 sterling silver Pendant This labradorite has a very gray tent with not a lot of flash But very light in color with a Very luxuriant feel. 24" long

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Golden Glamour Tealight

Artist Statement: Bring the cosy feeling of old world charm into your home on a cold winter’s night… or just any night you would like a bit of twilight magic.

Since I started making teacup soy candles I’m totally hooked and always have a few burning around my house. I’m trying to be as environmental as possible with my products, all my tea cups are discovered second-hand from Op/Charity shops, markets etc and soy wax is a natural, environmentally friendly material.

This cup is made in Japan by ACG China. Is is a gorgeous cup featuring a shiny surface that reflects all colours of the rainbow, depending on how the light shines on to it. There are little golden flowers painted all over the cup and saucer.

This could be a nice treat for yourself, or a special gift for a birthday, wedding, housewarming party…

Have a look at my pictures that I took with a tea light in the cup to get an idea of how it looks like when lit up

You can choose the fragrance you would like for your candle (see listing for details).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chainmaille Shaggy Scales Necklace

Artist Statement: Be a rock star.

Over one hundred anodized aluminum scales dance on this necklace, jangling on three graduated strands. A handmade anodized aluminum chain tapers to a rhodium-plated toggle clasp. Lobster claw clasps can be substituted upon request.

Perfect for belly dancers, the next trip to the Renaissance fair, or the perfect accessory for a little black dress. Wherever you go, you'll be wonderfully musical with all those jangling scales and everyone will take notice.

Substantial and yet elegant, this is definitely a statement piece.

Measures 16", but can be sized larger or smaller upon request.

You Have Email Pendant

Artist Statement: This is my FUN item - with the Email "@" sign.
It's small pendant (about 3 cm (1.2 inch) height and width), made in Sterling silver.

A great birthday gift for a teenager!
מתנה נהדרת לבת - מצווה!

It comes without a necklace - I can add a sterling silver necklace for you order - just convo me and I'll add it for you.

This pendant can be made by order in 18k or 14k gold - please Convo me if you're interested! (the result in gold is stunning).

It is sent in a beautiful gift box!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Deep Burgundy Cat

Artist Statement: A cat of good fortune with many lives yet to live. Even when befriended by the True witch she proved to be good through and through. A fortunate twist indeed for such a conspicuous treasure. She learned many useful things from that old hag concerning the real and the unreal.

Silky soft. Approx. 8"x 13.5"x 3.5"

Cat Lover Pendant

Artist Statement: This beautiful kitty is hand carved in sterling silver and hangs beautifully from round your neck. Capturing the feline essense this cat's tail curls to link to the 18 " sterling silver snake chain and it's smooth body curves gracefully to balance on cats favourite play thing...a beautful silver ball. If you are a cat lover you will adore wearing this piece.

Makes a perfect gift for any cat lover (including yourself). Enjoy!

Upcycled Suitcase = Cat Bed

Artist Statement: This blue, vintage "Monarch" suitcase has been transformed into a wonderful bed for those jet-setting animals in your life. Our kitten* Norton loves it! The pillow is custom-made with a durable cream and apple green geometric cotton fabric. The matching legs add some some serious style.

Suitable and sturdy enough for small dogs, cats, ferrets, chinchillas, and any other critter that might need a cozy place to sleep!

*Kitten not included.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1950s Vintage Cocktail Dress

Artist Statement:
*1950's Burgundy-Red Exquisite Light-Weight Shimmer-Silk
*Low-Cut Plunge Cuffed-Sleeve Seductive Bodice
*Elegant Over-Sized Floral Applique Draped-Peplum
*Cocktail-Length Hourglass Pin-Up Pencil-Wiggle

Bust:36-38 inches
Waist:up to 28 inches
Hips:up to 36 inches
Sleeve Length:12 inches
Total Length:48 inches

This vintage cocktail dress comes from a smoke-free house. This garment is in excellent condition with no rips,fade or holes.Perfectly working back metal-zipper. This item is over 50 years old and is truly priceless!Very Rare!

1000th Post! Plum Necklace

Artist Statement: This necklace was made using old scrap leather and pieces of an old book, since it have been slightly roasted over an open flame it still smells faintly of fire, but more in the nice and cosy "a late rainy night beside the stove with a good book in my hand" way then a harsh smell. The pages are also varnished so that that the charcoal wont rub of.

It comes on a satin ribbon so that you can tie it at a length that you are comfortable with. The pendant itself measures roughly 3,5 * 2 cm cm (1,4*0,8 inches).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Black Bird Skull Pendant

Artist Statement: This small song bird skull is cast from solid lead free German Silver or as it commonly known, white metal. It is the metal of choice for the fashion jewelry trade here in NYC and around the world. I like it because it has weight to it without being clunky and it is easy for you to polish at home.

It's a bit more difficult to cast than pewter because of the higher melting point. It's worth it.

I include a 16 inch silver plated or gold plated chain. Please tell me which chain you prefer when you check out.

The 18k gold plate and silver plated versions are now in stock. Please see those listings as well.

I also cast this skull in Sterling Silver and Brass
Please have a look in my store for these options.

True Blood Bangle

Artist Statement: This 100% all wooden bangle is so Glamourous.Hand-crafted wooden bangle is stained with a mahogany stain and engraved with "Fangbanger"...for the more refined TrueBlood fan. Wear with anything! Measures 1.75" wide bangle with 2.5" diameter. You won't find these anywhere but the Faboolux shoppe. Enjoy!

Cats in Clay Earrings

Artist Statement: French Wire Cat Earrings

These adorable cat earrings are handmade in earthenware clay, colored with translucent underglazes in a watercolor manner and kiln fired. They are an original design and entirely hand crafted by the artist.

They are lightweight and less than 1/8" thick. And the earwires are sterling.

For a size reference the card it is mounted on is approx. 3" X 2 3/4"

Grace's work has been featured in many juried arts and crafts shows throughout Michigan and several states. She has won awards for her work and been included in many Invitational and Museum Shows. Every step of this piece was created by the artist, from rolling the clay, and creating the design using a combination of printmaking and watercolor techniques. painting using translucent underglaze, kiln firing and the lead free clear outer glaze. Every design is original and copyrighted by the artist. Because each piece is handmade, no two are exactly alike.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tiny Baroque Swirls

Artist Statement: Aren't these in Marie Antoinette baroque style...
Really like the longer model in the studs.

These are small porcelain swirlies with a vintage look to them that are made of high fired very dark blue colored porcelain.
They are made out of my handmade molds...
After bisc fire the where decorated with pure white underglaze that gives the reliefs extra depth...
No glaze is used to keep the satin matt look.

The earpost are sterling silver and are secured with a strong jewelry adhesive..

Size swirl: 18mm {3/4"}...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Debutante

Artist Statement: What happens when you're a devotee of Comme des Garçons? You find innate mastery in insane cuts, an intense appreciation of how seemingly impossible colours can come together in such a fluid fashion; and most of all, you find yourself being inspired.

Voila!!! The Debutante.

An experiment that turned out decently, thank god.

I paired 18K Solid Yellow Gold (see those glimmering circlets?) with Oxidised Brass, just to see how they would look together. The wee Labradorite Rondelles nestled amongst all clusters are also coiled with 18K Solid Yellow Gold so you can see hints of shimmer and shine here and there.

That LARGE AND IN CHARGE 30mm Labradorite Focal is just awesome. This shot was taken on a cloudy day, just post a 10-hour downpour and yet the schiller is like an Energizer bunny. A single Mystic Apricot Topaz Briolette takes the lead amidst a floral contraption fashioned from Polished Rubies and quite a bit of 18K Solid Yellow Gold Wire.

Clusters are comprised of Prasiolites (in a fabulous Asscher Kite Cut), more Polished Rubies and Polished Sunstone Briolettes. Faceted Ruby Nuggets pose such an amazing contradiction to the smoothness of Polished Labradorite Rounds as they connect everything together.

I added heaps of Vintage Brass Jump Rings for a bit of fluttery movement. Loads and loads of Faceted Sunstone Rondelles and even more Polished Rubies balance out this piece.

The Clasp is a gorgeous Brass Toggle Set complete with a second (and final) Mystic Apricot Topaz Briolette as well as Polished Ruby Round.

With the overall pendant cascading a decadent 6" drop, The Debutante features tons and tons of 18K Solid Yellow Wire paired with Oxidised Brass Wire. She currently drapes around one's neck at an approximate length of 19.5" but can be customized to your desired circumference.

Smirking Devil Girl Necklace

Artist Statement: I love that this little red headed devil girl has a little dimpled "smile". It makes her look very innocent when we all know she's a little devil. The smirk and the arched brow give away her true nature. I really don't know if she is considered more of a red head or more of a carrot top as her hair is more on on the orange side. Fun little piece of wearable art.

The pendant is porcelain and is attached to the chain with small facetted glass beads. The chain is sterling silver and the necklace measures 19-1/2" long. The pendant measures 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" and is signed on the back.

Twilight Tree Necklace

Artist Statement: this wonderful tree photograph was taken by one of my flickr friends, j.will. his work is really beautiful. i thank him for letting me use this beautiful, summer image. there are so many dimensions of color to this photograph.

pendant measures approx. 1.25" square.

This little photo was printed in clear plastic, immersed into crystal clear hand cast resin, then popped free from its mold, sanded, buffed, polished, shined, and wire wrapped by my own two hands.

Your pendant also hangs on an 18" silver plated sleek snake chain.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Sweet Sarah Necklace

Artist Statement: Would you prefer your design on copper, brass, bronze, or silver? Want different hooks, chains, clasps, or colors? Contact me through ETSY to discuss it!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me through ETSY. Thank you for supporting handmade and please stop by again,

Hinged Necklace

Artist Statement: Oxidized Necklace with 5 hinged pieces that swing freely. The necklace hooks in the front.

Available on 16, 18, or 20 inch chain. If you don't tell me otherwise, you will get a 16 inch chain.

The pendant is 4.5cm x 3 cm/1.75 in. x 1.25 in.

Astronaut Tie

Artist Statement: Express your inner self with this unique tie.

It's a 100% silk, screenprinted, adult-sized tie.

Close your jacket to hide the design or let it all hang out. Great conversation piece.

Black tie with white lettering

Dragonway Colorfly Necklace

Artist Statement: Kerri Fuhr ( has an incredible talent. She makes these amazing lampwork beads one at a time, by hand. Her proportions and balance are phenomenal and her color stories and great.

I've used one of Kerri's dragonfly beads as the center of attention of this necklace. It has been surrounded by a pure copper frame that I have hand forged and hammered. Fine copper wire has been patiently woven and wound around the frame alongside Serpentine, Unakite and tiny Amethyst stone beads. The pendant is secured to quality black leather cord and fastens with my handmade spiral closure.

Necklace measures 16".
Pendant is 2" long and 2" across.

Created with love.

Naturally oxidized and meticulously hand polished to enhance the depth and texture of the wire wrapping.

Please see my profile for more information regarding the metaphysical properties and folklore of stones and metals.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amphora Pendant

Artist Statement: This pendant is modeled after classic Venetian form, measures approximately 30mm tall by 15mm wide, and will come signed.

Please note that these are photographed under intense lighting and will appear their best under bright sunlight.

All the items that I list are hand blown and annealed to ensure top quality and strength. I do all of my work with a torch in my small studio in western Pennsylvania. I have been lampworking since 1999 when I was introduced to glass bead making while working in a bookstore. My work has been sold in galleries nationally including such establishments as the Corning Museum of Glass.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cameo Hoop Blackboard

Artist Statement: Embroidery hoops and chalkboards are two of my favourite things! You can hang this wee hoop on your wall, use it to doodle, write love notes or remind someone to pick up some milk. Illustrated with a sweet cameo, this chalkboard can even be used as a lovely piece of art for your wall.

The 10" hoop has been fitted with wood, painted with non-toxic paint and glued in place so that nothing moves about.

Your chalkboard will come wrapped in tissue and bubblewrap to make sure it reaches you in one piece. You will also recieve some chalk and a cleaning cloth.

The chalk wipes off with the cleaning cloth provided, however we recommend cleaning it with a damp cloth every so often if you really want to start fresh!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chicago Scarf

Artist Statement: This scarf is crocheted from beautiful wool and soy blend yarn. Due to the unique nature of the yarn each scarf is unique. This scarf you can wear as lariat, narrow scarf or a cozy neck wormer.

It was made in a smoke-free environment.
Handmade with great care and love.
Never been worn.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash with mild detergent.
Dry flat.

Material: 30% soy, 70% wool
Color: shaded mauve-rust-blue
Size: 75 “long

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dream Spring Dress

Artist Statement: JIBRI Dream Spring Dress. Flare Skirt. Invisible Back Zipper. Attached Double wrap Belt. Vintage Inspired Cut. Perfect for Spring and Summer. Can be dressed up or down. Effortlessly Stylish and flattering for most body types. Limited quanity in this specialty fabric. Also available in alternative colors in Crepe or Satin (Black, White, Beige, Lilac, Gray, Yellow,Hot Pink). Can also work as stylish Bridesmaid look. Fits plus size (14-24). Free Domestic Shipping! See more at

Boxwood Pendant

Artist Statement: This is a little pendant featuring some little boxwood branches. It is hand embroidered in cotton embroidery floss on a lovely cream colored linen background. The back is a cute matching green floral cotton. There are two layers inside of cotton batting, just enough to give the pendant form without stiffness, and the little loop is hemp twine.

Measurement is 3.5 centimeters in diameter.

Wild Flower Poncho

Artist Statement: Wild Flower Poncho, fit beautifully and look incredible from every angle. With this garment you can be sure that you will look amazing on the outside, and feel fabulous on the inside. The body of this hand-knitted shrug show an complicated and elegant pattern.
I hope you like it!

100% Cotton

Color: vivid dark red.

[Colors may not be accurately represented on your computer screen. The real color is a vivid dark red]

Size: S/M

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Epic Fail

Artist Statement: Hey gamer girls! Here is an awesome pair of earrings with the words Epic Fail, made out of plastic acrylic letter beads. Show off your geek pride!! Colorful - has blue, green, purple, pink, orange, and yellow colors. Measure about 2" inches in length (measured from top of bend in hook to bottom of bead).

Mounted on stainless steel surgical hooks.

Custom orders can be made with any saying, just convo me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Treble Clef Belly Jewel

Artist Statement: Tummytoy With Silver Music Note Charm. No More Barbaric Barbells! The World's Only Patented Body Jewelry. Made In Boston.

Navel piercing has been around for years and so far, all that has been available is a steel rod with a screw-thread on the part that goes through your piercing- jewelry that can be extremely painful to insert and to wear. Complicating matters further is trying to secure the body jewelry by twisting a 3mm ball onto the 1.6mm threaded rod, all while bending over to look at your navel so that you can try to see what you are doing!

Enter TummyToys, the brainchild of myself, designer Melissa Tyler. A graduate gemologist, I have studied both in the UK and the US. Now Boston is my home base. I had many friends who wore (and complained about) belly jewelry, so I had to take the piercing plunge to figure out the concept. I just couldn't get my head around it until I got my own piercing. It was like an awakening! Within a week of being pierced I had a notebook full of sketches and TummyToys was born.

With a patented clasp, TummyToys eliminate the hurt and hassle of traditional body jewelry. The TummyToys clasp is so simple: you just slide it through the piercing and snap it shut. We offer TummyToys in a variety of metals and styles sporting everything from martini glasses to elegant precious and semi-precious stones. TummyToys are specifically made for belly and body piercing. Beware of cheap imitations which are really just earrings with a heavier post. Insist on the original TummyToys!!!

The Miro Dress

Artist Statement: A beautiful black cotton dress. The A-line skirt is really flattering with pleated detail creating the perfect drape.

The embellishment flowing down the side of the dress from the waist to the hemline has been created as a one-off design.

A piece of vintage rose printed cotton fabric has been cut up and appliqued, interwoven with that, an embroidered ribbon-like form interspersed with organic forms pulls the design together perfectly.

The dress has a hidden zip in the side for the perfect fit.

Size 6 USA
size 8 UK
size 36 Europe

chest 42 cm (armpit to armpit)
waist 36 cm
length 95.5 cm (from neckline to hem)

Peony Pavilion

Artist Statement: Dream is a thread, sewing through the impossible encounter.

Inspired from the master piece Kunqu opera, full of beautiful poetic lines which are too beautiful to be translated into other language. You may search “ The Peony Pavilion” at wikipedia for a brief learning.

The applique was inspired from ancient painting on round shaped paper framed in square shaped frame.

Classy, wearable, abstract reddish traditional peony print contrasting with black, with a hidden pocket waiting to you to find out.

Piece info
Material: 100% quality cotton+linen, 100% cotton (appliqué), invisible side zipper

Details: fixed waist with side zipper, sits on a little lower than natural waist(if you'd like to sit on high hips, don't forget to specify); one pocket, drawing string at hem