Saturday, May 23, 2009

Plastic with a Twist Cuff

Artist Statement: This sophisticated bracelet is the signature item of my "plastic with a Twist" collection.

The items in this collection are made of Polycarbonate sheets. I heat the material and then sculpture and crinkle it to its final shape. I leave some of the pieces transparent, and paint others by acrylic color.

This bracelet is colored in elegant black and gold - wonderful for stunning evening look!

Each item is individually sculptured by hand, so there may be minor variations in shape or color.

When creating this collection, I was thinking of a woman which makes a presence, that likes things that are unique, that looks for pieces that stand out and make her noticeable, and that is completely sure of herself and of her choices. She's modern, chic, trendy and updated.

The width of the bracelet is between 5 to 7 cm (2 - 2.8 inch) - it varies since each piece is handamde. The material is slightly flexible and fits any hand size.

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Waterrose said...

What a beautiful bracelet and I love that shop!