Sunday, May 10, 2009

One of a Kind Choker

Artist Statement: My name is Lily; I live in Israel, most of my life. I am a jewelry designer, I love to work with all kind of materials, anything that will get me to the doorway of fantasy, since for me jewelry is all about fantasy, and some kind of magic, and passion, and traveling with imagination, and dreaming away, and love, and meditation.

I love fantasy and dreaming away, just let me..:) I love all kind of style and I am inspired by different times and fashion. I love the romantic, and the primitive, the rich, the modern. Infect- I love all jewelry that have that spark of magic within them, that spark that get my imagination going, that spark that within seconds sends me miles away.. I love those jewelry that merge few dimension together just by been worn.

I think I'm busy with jewelry for about 18-20 years now; it's been always there for me, sometimes in the background to keep me sane, and most of the times as a way of making a living and one way of communicating with the world.

In addition to that I'm busy with other forms of art: painting and photography.

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lilyja said...

wow, what a nice surprise it is! thank you!:)