Saturday, May 23, 2009


Artist Statement: Even if they are sometimes a bit scary, I find jellyfish really beautiful. I was inspired then to make a jellyfish necklace, using the shiny quality of metal to evoke the smooth, flowing shapes of these ocean creatures. The result is a striking but also quirky necklace.

Perfect for the gals with a taste for the whimsical and who don’t mind getting noticed, the meduse necklace is a bold, stunning piece. Wear it to add drama to a little black dress on a special night out.

The stylized jellyfish pendant is made in sterling silver, hand carved, cast and finished to a high shine. The tentacles are also hand formed and then cast, and they are attached to the body in a way that lets them move freely when it’s hanging from your neck.

The pendant measures about 2” (5cm.) from the body to the longest tentacle. The body of the jellyfish is about 3/4" wide. It hangs from a sterling silver snake chain, which is available in 14” or 16” lengths, just specify your preference.

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