Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clock Corset

Artist Statement: Be the center of attention at the next costume party you attend in this one of a kind ensemble created especially for the Norwescon 32 Fannish Fetish Fashion Show.

Inspired by Pretty Alice from Harlan Ellison's classic story "'Repent Harlequin!' said the Ticktockman", the corset is made of three layers of fabric: a cotton coutil inner-lining for stability, a layer of micro corduroy for texture, and two-tone rust colored taffeta that has been torn in many places to allow the natural beauty of the bleach-distressed micro corduroy peek through. It is fully boned with 5/16" white steel boning, and laces through beautiful antiqued brass grommets down center back with 2 90" black laces tipped with brass aglets.

The center of this corset is a sight to behold- A WORKING CLOCK adorns this piece surrounded by gears and elegant black pleated trim that also finishes the hem along with two small antiqued brass chain loops for decoration. The center front extends down to the knees, accentuated by a gigantic rusting tractor gear mounted on taffeta.

The pannier is composed of two layers of fabric: an under layer of rust-colored brocade and an outer layer of two-tone taffeta to match the corset. The distressed taffeta is torn to reveal inner clock gears attached to the ruddy brocade. The sides of the pannier arc gracefully up the hip, tie with a black satin bow, and are filled with pleated black tulle for a little mystery (and modesty). Antiqued brass chains hang from the hem, swaying gracefully as you walk. The pannier is boned with 1/2" steel boning, trimmed with black pleated trim to match the corset, and closes at center back with an antiqued brass snap. Arced side bones are removable for storage purposes.

This ensemble will fit any lovely lady with a 25-28" waist. Please specify waist measurement with your purchase for pannier snap placement.

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Mary Vogel Lozinak said...

This is truly amazing!! I love it!!!!! So original and fun!!! I just found your blog. Your work is fabulous. xoxo Pink