Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Goddess Tiara

Artist Statement: Inspired by my weekend hiking trips and the Greek goddess.

This headband is cut with intricate details of a tree design then twisted all the leaves to create a three dimension look.

All the leaves are carefully sanded and polished with a semi shinny finish.

This headband is hand crafted using brass. Metal headband is a rare thing and it does weight a bit more then your fabric/plastic one.

The band is 34cm/ about 13 1/2 inches.

This item is made to order. The demo here shows on the left side of the head but this piece can be wear on both side.

If you like a different measurement for the band, please let me know. I form the band using standard one you buy in stores.

Because of the handmade nature, no piece will be exactly the same.

The complexity of this piece requires 1 week of production lead time, if you're in a hurry, mailing through FedEx can be quoted.

A 925 Silver version is available for special custom order, convo me for pricing and details.

Insured mail is available for this product.


MujganA said...

Hi, can I buy wo of these? and how much is the prics?

MujganA said...