Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steampunk+Cyberpunk+Burning Man Goggles

Artist Statement: These goggles instantly transform you into a cyberific futuristic steampunk earthling crushing machine with the powers of telekinesis and sometimes flight! Okay, maybe not instantly, its more of a gradual process, but its hard to put into words how awesome these goggles are.

Cyber Awesomeness + Steampunk + Burning Man + Rar = Very Happy Person Looking SUPER FREAKING Cool. There, that about sums it up. These goggles are great for harsh desert conditions, bright and sunny locations or windy and high velocity situations. Wear them on the playa, on the slopes and to all the coolest parties.

These goggles offer UV protection for your eyes, have an adjustable wide elastic band, and fold in the center for convenient storage. The are lined with soft padding and metallic looking fabric, adorned with gear chains, metal findings and star pendants. One of the lenses has a small scratch from being used in a photoshoot, but its barely noticeable and you don't see it when you are wearing them.

This is a one-of-a-kind pair of goggles. Exciting! Wear them on your head, on your eyes or put them on your steampunk top hat for maximum style! In stock and ready to ship. Thanks for looking!


Robyn Sullivan said...

Hey!! I love the goggles, they're absolutely beautiful! How much are you selling them for??

gth said...

Sold yet? I'd be interested.

Burning Man Goggles Store said...

awesome goggles! I had something similar for the Burn a couple of years back, but no where near as funky.

if those are sold and you dont mind me posting, anyone looking to buy any sort of goggles for Burning Man can get them hear:

Burning Man Goggles Store


Thoughtless said...

Holy Mother of God, these are the most amazing pair of SP goggles I've ever seen. I truly hope they are on sale because I need these in my life.

if your selling, please tell me where:

Sarah MacMillan said...

Hi, the webpage http://burningmangogglesstore.com/
doesn't open. Where can I buy these goggles? PLEASEEEEEE :)