Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sirin of the Skies

Artist Statement: “Sirin of the skies” She chimes her bell and sings her unearthly songs to those who are passing into their next life.

Approx. 45x65mm.The wooden ovals that each design is hand-painted onto are made of oak and are each hand cut and sanded by me, so they can be a little uneven, but personally I think that adds to the charm! They have been painted with acrylics and then varnished. While they are sealed very well, I wouldn’t suggest wearing them in the rain.

They are backed with a silver plated round pin-back.

All of my brooches are hand-made with a lot of love. They are each unique. While some may follow the same design they are never exactly alike. Individual personalities and characters always emerge and they each have different stories to tell. And it is not up to me to tell you what those stories are, it is for them to tell you, for you to find out and imagine. Often I am only offered a glimpse. But I do believe they can even work in an almost talismanic way, for me, wearing one always makes me feel just that little bit more creative and calm.

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