Saturday, March 14, 2009


Artist Statement: Treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury, I will hand-knit Ivel, my original design for you in four weeks using the finest quality yarn from Rowan, a reputable British supplier of yarns for the hand-knitting market. Every detail is carefully executed with a precision that only hand-crafting a garment permits.

The coat is designed to have a slim fit and beautifully contoured shapes to accentuate a woman's figure. The techniques used for darts and decreases cannot be accomplished with machinery. Ivel is the ultimate statement in what separates mass-produced knitwear from the artistic finesse and skill available to the hand-knitter.

The stitch motif employed in Ivel is a gorgeous diagonal check fittingly coined the royal quilting motif. It is rather dense and provides a solid structure to the delicate hems and borders. The hems hold their own, however, and have three simple hook-and-eye buttons that are almost invisible when closed.

The coat begs an artisan accessory such as the belt pictured (not included), or a pin, or a brooch.

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