Thursday, February 26, 2009

Personalised Carved Wedding Book

Artist Statement: I can make you a personalized guest book for your special day. It will have your names carved in a very antique wood .

At this moment I can only accept orders for guest books that can be completed not sooner than at the end of June.

The beautiful wood that I use is recuperated from old portuguese furniture and as such each piece is unique, different and also environmentally friendly.

You can send me the names to be carved and the date and they will be hand carved into wood with already very long memory.

The pages are coptic bound by natural cord. The coptic stitch allows the book to be flat open and is very resistant. I also add few tiny glass beads to the spine for this special occasion.

The dimension of the journal will be about 7 X 8" and contain about 70 sheets of heavy recycled paper.

It takes me about two weeks to have your book ready for shipping. To make sure your book gets to you in time it is good to contact me at least 1 month before THE date.

If you wish to have this guest book in different format, with other quality of paper or have any other issue to discuss please convo me and we can agree on custom made piece.

(The PHOTOGRAPHS of my previous custom work here posted are only illustrative).

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