Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doctor's Companion

Artist Statement: So you're traveling with the Doctor as one of his Companions. Who knows where you'll wind up? What happens if you get separated or lost?? Hey, even if you're unconscious or mutated, if you have this tag someone can get ahold of His Fabulousness, right? Well, if they have an Earth style cellphone, anyway...

And if you're asking "Doctor? Doctor Who?" Well...yes. Inside joke, of a fannish sort!

Aluminum disk is stamped by hand: "IF FOUND PLEASE CALL
0700900461". That is of course the number that all of the Children of Time were calling in the 10th Doctor episode "The Stolen Earth". He must have a heck of a network! Oxidized for ease of reading.

Disk is approximately 1.5" (3.2cm) across. Comes with the cable choker shown (approximately 16"/41cm).

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