Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is not a tie.

Artist Statement: BRAND NEW FOR '09: French: Ceci n'est pas une cravate. English translation: This is not a tie. Original illustration, hand-drawn text converted to a screenprint.

Inspired be René Magritte's Dadaist masterpiece, "The Treachery of Images" (La trahison des images). "This is not a Pipe" is painted of course, adjacent to a...pipe. Impress art historians and Francophones with your language skills and clever accessorization! Celebrate the absurd.

Shown in foreground: bronze ink on mustard gold; bronze on celery, bronze on khaki.

The tie is made of a soft microfiber, having almost the same hand as real silk and is printed with high-quality, non-toxic, waterbased ink. The standard tie is 3.75" wide at it's widest point and 58" long - standard length and width. All new materials!

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