Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reusable Tea Bags

Artist Statement: Love lose leaf tea but hate seeing little flecks of the chamomile flower floating in the top of your tea cup? Want to drink every drop of tea, but don't want the little bits of tea at the bottom? Tried using the one-use nylon bags but found them flimsy and more waste for our environment?

There's a simple solution -- these reusable tea bags! They're made with unbleached loosely woven fabric and cotton cord. Just simply fill them with your tea of choice and let them seep like any other tea bag!

After your tea is done seeping, let the bag cool and dump the leaves over your trash bin, greenery bin, or however you dispose of your teas. Rinse out the bag with warm water and let it drip dry! You can also wait for the bag to dry as much as possible with the tea still inside of it before dumping, but this takes longer. To dry, we fold it over the side of the wire rack that we dry our dishes on. Your bag will be discolored by the tea, since tea is used as a dye, but the bag is still clean.

This listing is for THREE 3 by 3 inch unbleached loosely woven tea bag. See our other listings for one bag and five bags (five bags are at a smaller price.)

These bags were sewn and assembled by Meg, cut and finished by Jeff.

The bags last for about a month with regular daily use.

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