Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pirate School Desk

Artist Statement: Got a pirate in your life? Know a child with an active imagination? This desk is my latest creation. I took an antique school desk and breathed new life into it. Since I'm on a pirate frenzy lately I decided to just go with it. I put a pirate ship on the seat of the desk with the dark seas behind it. On the back slats I put, "Pirate Property" and "Keep Out" with two pirate swords adorning the back. The best part is the writing portion of this desk. I took a pirate map and aged it using secret concoctions and added a compass (of course), an eye patch, the steering wheel and a hardwood floor background. A lot of work went into this piece and I am so proud of this desk. Will definitely stay in the family for years to come. A definite conversation starter and guaranteed-you will be the only one with this swanky desk!

I polyurethaned this desk three times so it will withstand lots of bangs and bruises throughout the years. I've been painting for over 12 years and my work has been in catalogs and local shops! Please contact me for a shipping quote.

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