Tuesday, January 6, 2009

mayan quetzal bird embroidery

mayan quetzal bird embroidery by modern to retro

Artist Statement: for your consideration.. out of an estate sale of a person who lived for many years in Guatemala...a vintage 60's embroidery from the highlands of Guatemala. Made by the Mayan Indians. The bird depicted is the Quetzal bird with its long colorful tail... the flowers are typical to the region. Comes framed and measures 22" by 11". There is some discoloration spots on the white linen due to age..and the frame is old and should be replaced...still, it is a wonderful example of the typical Mayan artwork and amazing craftmanship. The colors are vibrant. I have one more very similar work which I am putting online too. It is obvious the 2 works were made by the same person.

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