Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Artist Statement: Simple but with the stunning lavender sparkle of cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a laboratory grown, diamond-like material rich in color and brilliance. The many facets create spectacular sparkle.

This pair of beads ( 9x9mm – 6mm depth ) are square-cut and top-drilled and hanged from a handmade stick type earring ( 42mm long and its widest dimension is 3mm ), at a diagonal.

A round sterling silver wave brushed button is attached on the upper point of the cz bead creating a neat contrast to square shape of cz.

The total length is 57mm ( 2.25 inches ).


juwelen said...

that's very beautiful! i have some cubic zirconia jewelries myself and i must say that most people mistake them for real diamonds! :)

antigoni said...

Hi! just found your blog!
Thank you for featuring and for being soooo kind to show off so many people from your page!

wish you the best!!!