Sunday, January 18, 2009

Illusions of Blue

Artist Statement: Temari is the ancient Japanese folk art of silk embroidered thread balls, originally made by noble women with silken threads pulled from old kimonos. Used originally for child's play, today the art of temari is becoming more popular around the world. I hand-wrap each temari ball first with yarn, then thread, then stitch with silky cotton embroidery thread. The unique band around the center of this temari is called an "obi" after the sash worn around the waist of traditional Japanese kimonos!

This temari is approximately 3 inches in diameter, wrapped in jet black thread with interwoven three dimensional-looking bands of blue embroidery threads, and accented with deep purple thread. This one is mesmerizing with its illusion of depth and dimension. Stunning and beautiful to display anywhere!

Please note: I can attach a hanging thread if you desire one, otherwise this is a unique art piece to display on a candle holder, tucked in a basket, or with a group of other temari.

Temari is shipped first class in a unique gift basket along with a brief history of temari.

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