Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flock of Pigeons

Artist Statement: These flying pigeons can be hung by little loops on their backs. Each bird, made of black metallic wire, is approximately 10" long and the wingspan is about 15" wide. You can purcase one or more to make your own flock. These are sold individually for $58 each, so you can have just one or have more than one to make your own flock.

These are special order items, meaning that if you order this item I will be making one just for you. Depending on quantity and other orders, this can take from three days up to two weeks. Please email me for a time quote. Signed with an SG wound into the wire-for Susan Graham.

These wire sculptures are individually handmade, each one treated as a drawing done in three dimensions. The line of the wire is kept continuous for as long as possible within one sculpture to give both openness and stability to the form. Special attention is paid to pattern, gesture, and how the character and the specific qualities of each creature are best expressed.

Sculptures can be custom made to fit requests for particular animals, species of animals, sizes, or types of wire used.

No two works are exactly alike due to the intuitive sculpting process, and each piece is signed with the artist's initials interwoven with the wire.

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