Monday, December 8, 2008

So Fly Bellbottom Jeans

Artist Description: This is a sweet ol' pair of bell bottom jeans....they are completely the recycling sense, upcycled jeans and wide vintage neck ties are actually all done up in the blues like the fall skies....for your autumn festival pleasure!!

I make these using the ties intact so thier weight matches the weight of the jeans. The jeans are split at the sides then serged, then I encorporate the groovy ties at the sides. This pair has all funky vintage polyester is super groovy with butterflies on it! All belt loops and pockets are left intact.

The jeans I used for these were an Old Navy pair with some factory distressing, lycra stretch and a low rise to them. The stretch makes them so are very comfortable to wear. Originally a size 14, I would guess they are more on the line of a size 18-20 plus size, but please refer to measurements for a guide. It is best to measure a pair of jeans you own that fit as you like, then crossreference with my measurements.

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