Thursday, December 11, 2008

Logic Reason Science

Artist Statement: This is a unique hand-formed and hand painted ceramic science inspired necklace made by Surly Amy at Surly-Ramics. This necklace is one of our small size charms.

Logic, reason and science...three really important things in life. Show the world you are more than just a pretty face with this super cool science inspired necklace!

This piece was originally inspired by the skepchick herself Rebecca Watson who taught us "smart is sexy" and we just took it to the next level with "science is sexy"! Thanks Rebecca for inspiring all of us surly artists to be smart cookies too!

The necklace is painted in a crackle glaze with black and white details. As the glaze cools in the kiln after the second firing process, tiny cracks appear in the glaze, creating a really great antique type finish to the glaze. There is a hint of green to this glaze that makes it a lovely compliment to most skin tones.

This piece will look great on men and women!

I have posted a few photos of the sexy and smart "Surly Sue" and the super awesome "Surly Johnny" wearing similar necklaces in different colors so you can get an idea of how great this piece will look on!

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