Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Artist Statement: Stunning aren't they? The briolettes in these earrings have flash like nobody's business! And at just about every single angle too! They're among the best I've ever seen and have been lucky enough to bring them to you in these eye catching earrings. Oh, these briolettes are special!

Elongated faceted briolettes measuring 20x6.5mm have an amazing flash of mostly blue and green, but do show some hints of gold at certain angles. They are extremely well polished and so glossy. I carefully wire wrapped them in sterling silver to enhance their natural beauty, doing nothing to detract from their already lovely appearance. Total height of earring is around 1 3/4 inches (approx. 44mm). On Bali ball earwires.

These can be oxidized and polished if you prefer. Just leave a note to seller upon checkout that you would like to have them oxidized and I will be happy to do it! :D

If you're a lover of labradorite as I am, then you will not be disappointed in these earrings. These are truly some of the flashiest I've seen and I'm proud to be able to bring such wonderful stones to you. With every movement, you will see what I mean and so will everyone else!! Enjoy!

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PrivinaMonona said...

They are simply wonderful!!! I love it :D