Monday, December 29, 2008

Jonquil, Monster Jar

Artist Statement: Jonquil is a beauty queen from planet Wratchet. She won the Ms. Northern Wratchet competition 5 years running and then retired in her prime. A year later it became know that she had posed partially nude in Monstergirl and was stripped of her titles. She likes Spongebob cartoons and sunbathing.

Created 11/08, Jonquil is a one of a kind low fire ceramic vessel, 9.5" high.

All monsters are signed, dated and named on the bottom. Each is a strictly unique creation, never copied or repeated. The main forms are thrown on the wheel and all the rest is hand sculpted. These sculptural art works are made with "big kids" in mind.

Though all Claymonster creations are obedient creatures and can serve any purpose, they especially love to hold cookies and dog treats.

We have been warned by Claymonster owners that no monster should be fed Egg Nog. Results can be catastrophic.

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