Sunday, December 21, 2008

His Tongue is a Dagger

Artist Statement: This metal Dragon Head Pendant is SOoo cool! His tongue comes out of his mouth and is the Neatest little knife..cute blade.. quality say stainless steel and has a real cool marking of the forging company. This pendant measures 3 1/2" tall and 2 1/4" wide. back has a felt backing for comfort.

The head alone is 2 1/2", the knife is almost 3" long out of his mouth. I am telling ya ...This is the neatest and high quality pendant around for the money. The knife is held tightly in the dragons mouth....How Cool!! I am excited to have found this cool supply.

This is a wonderful piece to add to your art, I am adding a chain just incase you want to hang it up to look at it to inspire your designs.

You can have a choice on how you want to received the dragon, with a chain between the ear and the end of the sword (tongue) or with out the safty chain.


Thomas said...

How can I purchase it?

Guitar_slave said...

PLEASE, PLEASE let me know who to contact to purchase one of these! It is perfect for something that I need and I would love to have one!