Monday, December 22, 2008

Goldfish Bowl Ring

Artist Statement: This fabulous ring comes complete with it's own little aquarium! Handcrafted into a ring, this glass goldfish bowl contains a little goldfish made from polymer clay sitting next to a water plant and is set in clear resin 'water'. Lovingly designed by me.

Goldfish bowl measures just under 2cms across and is securely attached to the adjustable size ring which is silver plated and nickel free.

A fabulous pet without any of the hassles - who would believe your pet fish could travel with you everywhere you go? Fantastic!

This is your chance to own something unique and handmade from Mixed Up Dolly.


sama said...

absolutely incredible!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!! where can i get one???

Rachel said...

I love this ring!!!!!!!!!! I want one so bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldfish Care Information said...

That's the neatest little thing I've ever seen. I wouldn't mind having a goldfish bowl ring too just to say I had one :)

I love it and the wife does too!

Thanks for sharing!

AlyssaE said...

how can i get one??? soo cute!