Thursday, December 4, 2008

Embroidered Steampunk Cuff

Artist Statement: I have been admiring all of the steampunk pieces that I see on Etsy and thought I'd try a design with embroidery and some old time pieces that I had. There is a lot of detail here that doesn't come through in the photo so well...once you own this you will find more hidden treasures!

This cuff is made with an over dyed, olive green felted wool that is mottled (has darker streaks running through). and lined with a soft, pale green, silk fabric The embroidery is done in multi-colors of copper, grey-blue, and light purple. I've used an old watch inner workings to add to the fun. The closure is a vintage brass button that has the words, "city railway" embossed on it.

I design the patterns for these cuffs and then hand embroider them. No two are ever exactly the same, since I am doing this embroidery free hand from my drawn design.

By moving the button the cuff could be adjusted from 5.750 to 6.5 inches. If requested I can add a second loop so that it would increase the size to 7 inches.

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Waterrose said...

Thank you for featuring my Steampunk cuff on your lovely blog!