Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tunnel Vision

Artist Statement: A take off on my signature Ring O' Link style can be seen in these 9 stacked sticks which form the bridge and tunnel between two jump rings. A delicate ball chain goes in one end and out the other of this unusual tube bead made of colorful seed beads. Close up it looks quite rugged and raw but hanging gently around your neck it looks simply ethereal. The length of the necklace is approx. 16 in.(41-1/2cm) with a short extender chain. The tube itself is approx. 3/4 in (2-1/2 cm) X 1/4 in. (1 cm). Please check my other listings for variations of this necklace.

*These are made to order and because of the intentional randomness of the colored beads, your Tunnel bead might differ ever-ever-so-slightly from the one pictured.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get her stuff, its a bunch of old links and tacky bright beads?? she begs people not to steal her copyright ring o links thing.. don't worry!