Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Artist Statement: ©Spoonlamps is an original series of fine art light sculptures that I began in 1999 with a small spiral of plastic utensils that has grown into various forms of functional art and sculpture over the years. The inspiration for the form comes from the geometry found in nature. The series evokes the themes of recycling and transcendence. It is my intent to begin with common, even disposable objects and transform them into functional and beautiful works of art. The quality of light and shadow is considered carefully in each piece and new discoveries are carried into subsequent pieces. The series began with the use of plastic spoons and has evolved into similar forms created in metal. The lightweight translucence of plastic and the heavy reflective quality of metal create different challenges and opportunities for design both medium.

This is ©Spoonlamp #19 in the series. It is a wall mounted functional art lamp made with white plastic spoons. It is aproximately 26" in diameter and 8" depth from the wall. The electrical components are all UL listed.

©Spoonlamps have been registered with the library of congress and are protected under USA copyright laws. The sale of an artwork in no way entitles the buyer to copyright. All copyrights are retained by the artist.

A wonderful piece of work. I love the repetitive pattern, the round petal-like shape of the spoons and the way that the light bleeds out between the edges. It would be one of those pieces that would suit a fantastically modern house.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful artwork indeed. And it is apparently really affordable. I found it on a website called www.etsy.com for sale for under $300,=.

Handcrafted, unique. Gorgeous!