Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sing the Blues

Artist Statement: This little guy started life as a 1st guitar for some little boy or girl. When I found it, it was tucked amongst a bunch of junk in an old barn just dying to have new life breathed into it.

Many, many hours and days later I ended up with what I call "Baby Sings the Blues" mosaic guitar. I started with the abalone shell and let the beautiful colors guide me in the design. Teal mirrored glass, foiled blue glass cabachons, green glitter glass, millifiori from Italy, and copper coated BB's make up the design on this. I made the turning pegs out of soldering wire. Every inch of this little baby is mosaiced!

Display this where the sunlight will hit it and it throws off little sparkling blue reflections on your wall and floor.

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