Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Artist Statement: "… si je t'aime, prends garde à toi!"

Here's some chic and a touch of fun with Carmen, my flamenco-inspired necklace...

The flower measures approximately 2.5 inches (6,5 cm), it is composed of 2 layers of felt : the bottom layer is dark red, the top layer is bright red. The heart is a metallic button from France, it looks like it was woven.

The necklace is long and measures 35 inches (89 cm), it is composed of small green glass beads which have a sparkling effect thanks to a silvery foil inside, 5 red faceted glass beads, silver beads and a gorgeous lampwork glass bead with red, pink and orange colors.

The necklace is finished at each end by 2 silver tassels (coming from France too)… I just love these!

What is special with this necklace is that it needs to be knotted (like a tie is the nicest as seen on the picture).

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