Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Recycled Silk Pin

Artist Statement: I have a thing for neckties. They're a beautiful accessory, but their usefulness is fleeting--one unfortunate slosh of the coffee cup, one stain that can't be cleaned, and they're off to the thrift store. It breaks my heart to see the piles of gorgeous silks, marred only by a single spot, gathering dust in the back of the Salvation Army, or worse yet, being loaded onto a truck with the day's trash.

I've tried several different ways of reusing ties that let me work around any damage, but these pins are by far the most satisfying. They're the perfect size to dress up a blazer, hat, or bag, or gather the ends of a scarf, without being too large or loud. For a curvy lady like myself, a big floral corsage stuck to my bust is a no-no; I find these pins add just a dash of color and handmade style to everything from the most tailored business suit to a cute cardigan thrown over a t-shirt and jeans. Not your grandma's brooch by far!

Each pin is made of a scrap of necktie silk, hand-sewn and anchored with a vintage button. The pins are securely fastened to the back with thread, felt, and a dollop of fabric glue.

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