Monday, October 20, 2008

Nomad Dress

Artist Statement: This dress is inspired from a trip to Western SiChuan two years ago where I saw fairiest natural scenes which moved a girl going together to cry, where most beautiful Tibeten women and most manly and bold Tibeten men live. Can you imagine holy snow mountains in the distance, crystal blue stream galloping through ten of thousands pink and white azalea full in blossom? Can you imagine a lake with bright purple, blue, green, white colored water? Can you imagine you sit in an outdoor natural hot spring surrounded by sublime natural beauty? Can you imagine a treking road along with fancy trees in yellowish green leaves like something can only appear in impressionism paintings?

I love nomad in Asia, the ways to wear bright colored garments, the heart of an innocent child, the courage to abandon the past and pursuit a new beginning, the longing for spiritual freedom...

I hope you will like this dress, an artistic piece will bring you to a free new world.

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