Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kusudama Hair Stick

Artist Statement: The Japanese have been the finest producers of paper in the world for over a thousand years, so it's no surprise that Origami, the most famous of all the paper art forms, is also Japanese. Using carefully selected papers to achieve the desired look, Origami is at once distinctive and beautiful.

This particular Origami piece is a Kusudama, a traditional ornament which is considered to be a talisman against evil. As soon as I saw a Japanese Kusudama ball I fell in love with it! I wanted one to wear in my hair, but the average Kusudama ball is made using 4-inch square sheets of Origami paper, and is over 4 inches wide. I just couldn't imagine putting one of those in my hair!

So, I set out to make Kusudama balls for my hairsticks, using the smallest sheets of paper I could work with. The tiny sheets of Origami paper that I used were 2.5cm wide, or a fraction under an inch each. Each Kusudama is made up of 40 to 60 individual flowers, so you can imagine how many hours it took to put this adorable ball together. The finished Kusudama ball has been lacquered well to harden and protect it, and is set off by a beautiful all sterling silver setting.

The stick itself is green, with a grippy texture that will hold really well in your hair. It has a usable length of 5 inches, and the Kusudama ball brings the whole length up to 7 inches.

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